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April 05, 2011 Drive Motorsports International Expands

May 5th 2011 – There are a few motorsport agencies out there but none quite like Drive Motorsports International.

Drive Motorsports International is different; it’s a small edgy creative agency that explores new ways of marketing and generating ROI in motorsports. Most know that a traditional motorsports sponsorship involves logo placement and signage that will always be apart of motorsports and there is tremendous value there. But there’s so much more to it and times are changing. Future programs will also be heavily supported by new social media and creating custom content addition to a growing trend in B2B activation.

“We like to focus on B2B partnerships and providing trackable revenue increases through motorsports. In other words, we make money for our clients through motorsports, said Caroline Buchannon, VP at Drive Motorsports International. We recently built a program for Hilton Hotels, pairing them with our client Gainsco/Bob Stallings Grand-Am Rolex Daytona Prototype team and we established an 8:1 ROI with at least half of that being direct revenue through the partnership that was 100% trackable on the back end. These are strong ratios for the motorsports industry.”

Drive Motorsports International describes itself as ‘the go-to agency’ for any company looking to invest in motorsport through sponsorship. “We are small but quite universally used, we work with companies with smaller budgets and we work with larger companies with large budgets and in all different areas of motorsports and powersports,” Caroline explains.

Drive Motorsports International also offers guidance on the full range of what motorsport has to offer. “Any size company should be able to get involved in motorsports and achieve success,” Ms. Buchannon continued. “We strongly focus on proper alignment with all of the companies we work with, we talk with brand marketers everyday that are uneducated when it comes to motorsports. They think motorsports means Nascar, but there are so many other areas of motorsports that may align better. We talk to people that have never heard of Supercross or Formula Drift or the Grand-Am Series or even Off Road Racing and some have never even heard of IndyCar, these are areas that can offer significant returns and are considerably cheaper than say Nascar and are rapidly growing in popularity as well.”