Does Dmi Offer Services To Teams And Drivers Too?

Yes! We offer sponsorship sales and other support services to professional racers, teams, tracks, and racing series throughout the motorsports and powersports industry.

How Much Do Motorsport Sponsorships Typically Cost?

A motorsports sponsorship can range in cost from a few thousand dollars to many millions of dollars depending on what series, track, team, or driver you want to align with and the activation and promotional options chosen.

Our consulting service is a tremendous way to ensure your program is priced properly and you get the best ROI.

What Kind Of Roi Should We Be Looking For?

Return-On-Investment is subject to one’s specific objectives. Each partnership is unique and requires unique strategies. We put a major focus behind activating any partnership well beyond the typical property assets in a modernized integrated brand marketing approach, while also establishing new sales channels and b2b.

Does Dmi Offer Any Other Unique Services?

Yes. We are full-service, can accommodate most special requests. Other service areas include; sponsorship evaluations, measurement and tracking services, industry research, ideation, and creative planning. We also have a separate Media Department offering web design, marketing materials, sponsorship proposals, branded collateral, merchandise, social media services, and more!

As A Sponsor, How Can We Know We Are Getting The Best Deal Out Of The Sponsorship We Are Signed With?

We perform a series of ‘audits’ and consult on various aspects of the program. We look at the tangible and intangible benefits, impression numbers, social engagement areas, and how the program, directly and indirectly, impacts your bottom line. We review the property’s marketing assets and look to dramatically expand the sales impact and activation programs.

We are able to increase the ROI in about 90% of the audits we perform without increasing the overall cost.

Why Are We Having A Hard Time Finding Sponsorship For Our Team Or Driver?

Sponsorship sales are very difficult, even for professionals, which is why some need the assistance of a sponsorship agency. A fundamental flaw at the property level often comes down to a cost-to-value ratio or a lack of knowledge and understanding of the new industry standards. Sponsorships are not easy; you will need to build a professional sales campaign with competitive value propositions, a point of differentiation, significant social media following, and ultimately be able to provide valuable business growth to any partner. Many people misunderstand how long and drawn out the process of building sponsorship is. It can be a long and difficult process. It’s about building long-term relationships, and that takes time.

Can Dmi Help Our Company Or Brand With Endorsement And Personal Service Contracts?

Yes of course. We do organize opportunities for endorsements, personal service agreements, and co-branding opportunities. We also handle paid-for speaking engagements, special appearances, and community relations campaigns/events.

Why Motorsports As Compared To Team Sports?

Motorsport marketing offers something other team sports cannot: your brand is directly incorporated into the action, not to mention the mass media exposure, social media value, licensing, and B2B networking that can greatly drive new sales through a motorsports sponsorship.

Motorsports marketing is about achieving business success. Motorsports Marketing and sponsorship initiatives won’t only put your brand in the peripheral line of sight; it directly incorporates it into the action while at the same time offering exclusivity, access, naming rights, on-site experiential opportunities, huge amounts of media exposure, mass social media, influencer endorsements, and unique B2C and B2B opportunities to increase sales and revenue.

Team sports do not permit the direct commercial sponsorship association offered and nurtured through motorsports.

Motorsport fans are one of the most loyal in all of sports marketing and some of the most sought-after fans in all of sports. Fact.

How Does Dmi Work With New Clients?

A relationship with a new client typically starts with a phone call or a meeting between one of Drive Motorsports International’s Partners or Directors and a prospective client. The goal is to learn about the client’s needs and our relevant experience, with a goal of determining whether there is a good fit between the two and what next steps to take. Sometimes the fastest way to reach us is to send us an email.

Does Dmi Respond To Rfps (requests For Proposals)?

We will respond to an RFP if we feel that the project is a good fit and after the agency has discussed it with the prospective client in person or by phone.

How Does Dmi Charge?

We charge a few different ways depending on what services we are performing and the exact scope.

Please inquire to speak with us. Email us at: service@drivemotorsportsinternational.com

Don’t forget to provide us with some info on your project needs.

How Can We Get Your Agency Overview?

To receive our Agency Overview and services guide, please provide us with a description of your project with contact information. Send all requests to: service@drivemotorsportsinternational.com Don’t forget to provide us with some info on your project needs.