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Drive Motorsports International is a world-class athlete management and corporate consulting agency representing racing athletes, racing teams, and corporate brands within professional motorsport.

We are a unique collective of motorsports marketing experts in brand consulting, athlete representation, career management, business development, sponsorship placement, event activation, hospitality, media relations, social media support and strategic consulting.

DMI works to define and elevate our clients’ careers within the motorsports industry while seamlessly building their brand and placing them in the best environment possible to maximize their potential. In the growing digital age, the personal brand of a driver/racer is just as important as on-track performance in attracting sponsorship and support. We believe in building upon an athletes’ personality and allowing it to flourish, which in turn builds fan engagement, sponsor interest and confidence both on and off the track.

Our passion is furthering our clients’ careers while creating successful strategic partnerships; we help our clients adapt and win through modern-day verticals that deliver maximum value and revenue, while addressing the needs and objectives of both corporate brand partners and key stakeholders.

In 2009, Drive Motorsports International started out as a motorsports marketing and sponsorship agency, whose primary focus was helping corporate brands market and activate within the motorsports industry. Our belief was that there needed to be a better way to value and track motorsports marketing and sponsorship initiatives. We created a proprietary measurement platform that is utilized by many top teams, drivers and sponsors to help them understand and track the value and performance of their sponsorships. Since 2017, the agency has expanded into athlete representation in addition to corporate sponsor consulting.

We are committed to delivering the deepest insights, boldest ideas and the most comprehensive representation, management, and motorsports marketing services throughout the motorsports and powersports industries.

Our skilled team has a combined 40+ years of experience in the motorsports and racing industries.